Saturday, March 24, 2012

First time.

For the first time , i finally got the place in merentas desa event !
Start , terkedek-kedek bersama-sama dgn Asha Alia Aina Dora ~
Last mcm mana tah partner aku semua tadi bertukar jadi Naza sorang =='
Kami dua lari punya penuh harapan.. for the the last year lah kan :'D
#Le me an `penyakit patient , was the top sixty runner *doing nigahigaa . LOL !  
Hehe , sedikit bangga lahh ^^V *angkat kening . Er er dahh ! 
Aku penat . Bai :3 Extra dapat demam wuwu //
For sure , me was that red-ishh cute-ishh xD
Sebelah aku bdk form four :3
Bubye, ND.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What we call friends.

Well hello there ^^V .. Ho are yo ? :D Hikhik ~
As ive wrote before , FRIEND are meant everything for me . Ekeke , surely after my family lahh 

I know every human change . Yea changing changin kachiing x'D Hehe . Kay nonsense ~

What i want to write here , hurr people . Please do respect and love your friend OR maybe your BestFriend as how as you start to get interest with she/he for the first time . 

Waa sentap , wa ulang , wa SENTAP ! Heh (µÒ▽Ó)µ 
Dibilangnya , aku lupa depa . Dikatanya aku mementingkan diri dan *dan benda lain yg diungkitkan ~ Sobsobs T^T . Have you guys know how suffer am i to face all this fcukshit problem alone ? Could you guys have a time to spend with me ? Can we be like before ? MOST the answer is NO . And now , i used to keep all that masalah with the only me . Dont worry babies . Nur nadirah tetap nur nadirah . Nothing change a lot on me ~ Mungkin aku yang sekarang banyak berdiam dan berseries ? Haha . Mungkin juga ukur lilit body aku jela yang berubah (^▽^)v hehe . Tapi , aku tetap pendengar setia hampa semua ◦’⌣’◦.
Sumber twitter .: Pengakap's

Saturday, March 10, 2012


WTFood . A comic character have their own facebook .
Cayalah SIKOSONG ! I heart you 

Haemolymph -..- 
Hur, what the hell is that thing ! Wait ~ I supposed to know !! =.=' 
P/S : Er er , kat tusyen tadi kan , along kan , bajet romantik depan aku . Halapak , terkedan mak x'D Rentap betul-betul coklat tu kang :3 TUI , GEDIK . Lol untunglah budak yang kau text tu . Heh pikir aku jealous ? Tak . Ok bai ~

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy holidayy.

Happy woliday woh ^^ 

Okay , i'm done with Mr.Exam for now :3 Muahh , love you baby . Imma so glad having such a superb date with you  Auch . 10 times candle light dinner , walaweh ^^ Heart you .

See you next TWO months ! FAHAM =.=

*Horay horayy , it's a holi-holidayy . Hooo :D 
Horayy topap waktu tidur , horararayy =.='

 P/S : Okay , cuti have start . So when can i get my own licence ? Heh -..-