Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday :)

Har today is sunday.. Hmm :) Another annoying freaking me on this day. Get it?
  • Wake up in so early morning~ *around 9 am actually -..-*
  • Take my blanket and continue my sleep till 12 pm >:D 
  • Har, anyway as cute girl *uhh please -.-* i cant act like this xD har.
Look at the top left there! Ive my own dimbo in my blog :) Hewhew, shomelkan? Err, have you guys notice some !@ $ ($ there? Haar my gajah lived at tha universe ^^ Har how unique my dimbo :) Hee like me!?
  • Stars.. you have been alive for million | billion | trillion years.
  • You shine in the darkness
  • Gave us light along with the moon shine 
  • You wipe away my tears everytime im sad | happy 
#Oh, and now im wonder.. Why im using stars as my blog dp --? Hmm ~

Saturday, November 26, 2011


You know whats troll aite? Oh shit, were them really exist? Har, i wanna meet this things! Hm, ive meet them twice and you know what?? Colin morgan helped me!! Haa he makes my desire came true! Oh lol you morgan ;) *Chuckle* Thanks for everything :) You make my night full with miracle. Huu, i miss you badly. Hmm~ Ehh?? Damn t(-.-) thinkin bout you, just make me deviated from the topic!

Back to the main title again (!!)

Troll :  

  • They are as blind as a bat and can't see their own hand in front of them *How idiot them are*
  • Trolls hate the daylight and if they are caught in the sun, they will turn to stone *So rocks on nowadays were trolls?* Ekeke, certainly not! Well, it's just a bad joke -,- Pfft.
  • They hate happiness and things that make people happy 
  • They lived in peaceful with their community and they were more better than other fairytale story *Haha, how awesome you guys!?*

Done i guess? Im so super lazy now! Please visit encik.wikipedia, cause everything you want to know, were written there! Muahaha. Well, ive no idea actually -,- So, my entry now getting ahh sheep ><

Friday, November 25, 2011

Post ❤

Hoargh hoargh! So damn cold this night >< Pfft, hoi!!
*Okay okay, i should berasa syukur ;)* Hur kampung nenek gua, time malam mesti sejuk. Kenapa ea? *Wonder* Every second i must ran off to toilet -,- and the toilet was very far @@ Ive to take for two stairs, then 5 meters to the second door =.= at last, ive to take for another small stairs~ Hur penat doe T^T. Anyway, this coldness make my tears become frozen. So it's kinda awesome, cause i can stop the eyes from acting like a reservoir xD Heuwheuw :O I ❤ you cold.

It is a miracle :) but im prefer if colin morgan do so for me :D
Ive to leave you spongy, cause you are too smelly like me -.- 
And now, eminem ask me to leave that nerdy guy (morgan) -.-
For sure, the answer must be NO lol. Damn pfft ~(t-.-)

Oh baby, please come along with me.. :) Nadira, ilysm 
I promise, ill give you a cute | adorable | handsome | beauty children. 
With blue eyes like mine, and black shine hair like yours ;) 

Your huss : Morgan

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hi again! Har boring.. Never mind. Hm okay, nothing to story now. Malas gila, urgh damn. Nak baca buku, rajin.. Tapi nk buka buku tu sangat malas. Acano eh?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy examination ❤

Assalammualaikum and Hello awak semua
Okay, a loud say > GOOD LUCK !! < for all SPM candidate 2011  
from me JOYAH ^^

Anyway BYE to all 94 batch of  SMKar//
We will remember you always whenever if we have meet again T^T
Kalau kau semua rindu gua, jangan lupa ah rindu-rindu kita :)
 Jumpa dalam mimpi nanti ea 
Wehuu, no more you guys on next year  *if uolls know how excited im now* Tsk tsk -..-

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fakta Hill -.-

388100_289429007745750_100000359607136_998320_1486962600_n.jpg (320×196)
If ive a magical power now, ill find out wheter have me in your dreams or not  #Perasan lagi! Tak boleh buat apalah ^^Y Habit. Tapi, er engkau pun selalu ada~ But but what the heaven this above fact going to prove actually?
 MNI kay maybe more to MR.Blabla 

Friday, November 4, 2011


Okay it has been a year, actually more than one year. How stupid am i still thinking bout you.. Haar damn this entry! Orang kata cinta tu buta. Orang kata cupid love tu ada. Orang kata.. kata.. Hmm :' But the thing is now, you're not my boyf. Even me too not your lover ._. It's just an idiot fairy tale  :) zzz
Both of us have been fate to know each other
Both of us have been fate to fall in love *ini aku try buat lawak with uolls pfft -.-*
Most important, kita ditakdirkan untuk jadi begini sekarang~
Both of us have been fate to ruin your and my heart
Both of us have been fate to fail in our love tale 
*censored the last caption, cause i dont think so* 
Kebetulan melampau-lampau T^T Entah. Sebab kadang-kadang aku rasa banyak hal jadi antara kau aku orang sekeliling etc etc. Bukan mahunya aku berlagak hot depan kau. Bukan sengajanya aku bagi kau jealous. No. Entah *boringkan cerita aku* Orang kata cemburu tu sayang. Maknanya, suatu hari tu bila aku start cemburu, baru aku sedar aku sayang kau. Tapi terlambat dah kot! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *laughing in minister tone* Just sometime i can feel that, there a little me myself hiding in your heart
//ecece kuat perasankan aku?
Haar but this is my fault *i guess* What the hell is now! Imy?!
Tapi benda dah berlakukan. Engkau pun have someone else now and i know that lady is not kak U. Aku bet juga, orang-orang ingat aku dengan Sasori.. The truth is not, tapi sasori act aku macam ex-girlfy dia kot? Kenapaa!! Dari awal tahun aku berlagak blank o.o' Bukanlah bajet idiot// And i keep wondering, kenapa bila aku blablabla. Er aku malas nak type dah xD Bobye!!