Sunday, May 13, 2012


Assalammualaikum  Heyoo readersss *hikhik bajet macam ada pembaca jeh .
Aha ? It is not a big deal lah man ;D

Hi again ! Long time no shee :3 Miss me ? No . Okay .__.
Hehe , bajet busy like Perdana Menteri heh ?
Well now on , le me was in examination mood . 2 weeks to go before le Mrs.Holidayss come towards me xD *menari-menari .
Alhamdulillah , I've done 4 subjects happily *sigh . Haha !
So another papers on :! 
Yeayy , me shoo liddat :D Erhh erhh ~
All heavy subjects at the same week -.- 

Pahal saya looks cute ? Ekeke , guwau :D !
Karmimi . Hanani  
Bye, love ND.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


2 years I've been locked le heart. You know how it feels?
                                                    So bleeding-bleeding inside :')
le kakak(s) and that seorang abang have guided me a lot about the school life :')
Aina le girlfriend of mine | Fatin | Alia | Marlissa | Shahira | Hanani | Shakilla | Asha 
They were beside me each time I need.       Heart them much ..     Also that Ikram.

But the thing just goin to be different. Heyah different! They've change a lot.
The caring person I've know, now she was someone that I don't really know who she is ~ and the braces, sometime I could feels she's just being fake in front me.. Le others, like to mock me with something that I couldnt accepted .__.
*Hampha naq ka kat Darshan? Hang ambek lah. 
Cek ta kesah pun. Le important! He is not my NEW SCANDAL!*
You know what I feels whenever I got new friends? Kinda excited. But when le friend was a man, ya guys like "Hee skandel baru ke weh? .. Untunglah ada skandel .. Nad now olveys busy with her scandal .." and then, you guys keep blaming me for some idiot things ~
I've start to change last year? Haven't ya guys noticed that?
*Sesungguhnya saya tidak meminta supaya diperhatikan, cuman bolehkah kalian memahami dan menerima aku apa adanya.. Seperti zaman kita dahulu kala. Ditingkatan 1 dan 2 ? Bolehkah? I'm asking!*

I keep pretending I'm fine. Heliyah I'm okay :D "Hahaha" all the time~ Inside here, it's killing the old things / old me .. seelooowly .__.
, ND.