Sunday, August 31, 2014


Sambut kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke 57 di Kem BTN, Kaki Bukit, Perlis.
Merasai pengalaman acah-acah askar zaman dahulu kala, berjalan dalam kegelapan malam,
dikelilingi hutan tebal, bersama-sama dgn pasukan Pendekar,
 dan sampai ke penamatnya dgn selamat Alhamdulillah.
It's a great memory.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Last Silang Budaya.

Last beraya di Kmpp.

Dearest princesses 
Photo cc to our Beloved Tice Mazlina 
(the one who taught us from zero to hero A+++)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kantin B.

That small eyes of yours.
With a sweet smile on the face.
Humble and soft like a green cotton candy.
I do liking you since our first meet. it's a meeting not a dating tho (so aku dah boleh stop perasantan daripada awal).
And i have that same feeling on you until today. Almost 2 years, but you'll never realize. I'm okay with that.
Tapi.. I dont know if you already have someone-special in the heart.
Sebenarnya "aku tak okay with that"..

If you dont mind, may i know wheres my position in your days ahead? I am coursemates, i know that. But can i ask for the specific answer?


May time fly heals everything. I'll keep wishing.