Saturday, January 30, 2016

PELTAC 2016.

      PELTAC is an international camp organized by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) in UTM Skudai. PELTAC is an acronym for Professional, Engineering, Leadership, Teamwork and Awareness Camp specially prepared by the Organization Committees and the Supreme Council :D :D :D ... This camp has motivated and enhanced the awareness of professionalism among students from all around Malaysia and also Indonesia. It has been organized for many years, from 1998 to 2016 with an assorted concept of activities. PELTAC has the reputation to be known and recognized as an excellent educational programme in UTM.

      I was involved in PELTAC 2016 as the IT officer. My department was supposed to create videos for entire progress of the camp and as the photographers during the event. We have seven departments total which are Public Relation, Technical, Publication, Marketing, Sponsorship, Information Technology (my dept :D) and Welfare department.
This camp showed me the differences of each character you're working with and how to deal with them. PELTAC 2016 also taught me how to be independent, how to work professionally, how to communicate with people from different places and nationality and how to be strong facing the real world someday when I have finished my study.

All I can say for this PELTAC 2016 is "it was the super best experience I've ever had and it was my first organization committee I'd involved in UTM."

(Last activity, bbq at Balai Cerap UTM) #PELTAC2016
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I miss mbak Jessy already xD!
Dinner at the sea side