Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My small cottage.

Assalammualaikum and hi,

Today is the third times I change the furniture placement.
I love my room so much so I want to make this space comfortable as possible... Huhuhu~

Ni masa 1st day sampai UTM... Ayah siap belikan cake chocolate untuk hilangkan kesedihan aku T^T
Ni kali ketiga ubah susun atur 

Tunggukan final touch bilik aku sebab sekarang dalam planning nak beli alas getah yang cantik tu hehehe!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Assalammualaikum.. Hi :)

Hari ni teman Nawal jumpa ayah dia kat Masai, masih dalam area JB la huhu. Kami keluar lepas maghrib dan terus cari hotel tempat ayahnya stay. Ayah Nawal fly dari KL ke JB sebab ada meeting ke apa macam tu la. Dalam perjalanan tu kitorang pompang pompang laa untuk pecahkan ice between us two! XD

We were actually never been this close in the previous school. She was in another class and I'm in KRK, even during our upper form we both in different streams. Nawal datang sekolah tu masa kami di tingkatan dua. For a new student, she was quite famous at that time and her mom was our superb English teacher. Mula-mula tak boleh go on sangat dengan Nawal ni sebab dia mcm poyonya~ Tapi lama-lama nampak karekter dia jenis yang hyper pastu cakap banyak (dengan certain people yang dia rasa selesa je la kot ahaha). Sepanjang beberapa tahun sekolah bersama-sama, setakat Hi-Bye bila selisih kat corridor selalu la. Kalau nak lepak atau borak tu jauh sekali! Aku pun dak nerdy dulu, enjoyed my time spending together with LGG (Ira, Tasha, Aina, Mar, Alia, Fatin, Kaklang aka Shakilla) most time. Takpun lepak dalam koop dengan Ira sebab kitorang pengawas hijau (pengawas koperasi dan aku jarang pakai uniform tu sebab orang pernah cakap aku pokok bergerak! Pastu sekarang susah nak cari balik gambar zaman aku jadi pengawas hijau T^T). Jadi untuk tidak meleret, after finished high school, she continued with Diploma and I went to Kmpp. Tamat matrikulasi, aku sambung degree kat UTM... Then one day dia nampak aku tweet fasal #TipsMasukU kot, pastu aku tag #UTMAwesome pastu dia macam excited, rupanya she was accepted to further her study in UTM too. Since that day we continue our Hi-Bye again but this time maybe as friends not acquantainces anymore! Hahahahahahaha... Insha Allah.

P/s: Alhamdulillah for the dinner. Rezeki :) Kitorang dua pun tak tahu ayah dia ada meeting kat Senibong Seafood Village ni.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Legoland, JB.

Yesterday, the girls and I went to Legoland Malaysia. Rented two cars to go there and my driver was Umi Haryantie. I must say she is an excellent manual-driver! Thank you, girls. It was a great experience!

The girls

Ponn ponnnn!!!

Mini Star Wars museum.

I can see my reflection there xD

Sunday, September 4, 2016

RIP sembreak.


My sem break is over and now I'm going back to UTM . My pointer was not super great but you know a person does not receive a gold medal all the time. I mean, we will not always be on the top forever, right? The choices we make lead up to actual experiences and last time, I decided to take this lazy path. It is not cool to be dumb. I used to be great on this subject before. I'm continuing to do my BSc in Maths because my families, teachers, and friends told me that I have a mathematic brain and maybe I can go further with it... Did I just compliment myself? Hahahaha! Why not :P
The true thing is we see the world differently. We live the world differently. So just don't give up. I am sure I am not a failure. Fail once doesn't mean fail forever. Keep going, get up, stand on your feet, aim, and chase. That's all. Yeah... and more important is, be kind to everyone. Peace :)

Always live your life to the fullest! 

Have a nice day.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ipoh here we come!

Hi people!

How have you been? I hope you're doing well every day ;) ... So I wanted to share my journey to Perak. I went there with My Nenek, Tok Apak and The Wans.

During my semester break, I decided to stay at kampung to accompany My Nenek and I guess I will stay here until the end of sem break.

The Journey

22nd July - My Nenek and I waited for a bus at the near warung around 8:30 am. At 9 am, a bus finally came and arrived at Bahau 1 hour later. At Bahau, we took another bus to Seremban to go to Wan Lang's house at Ampangan. Later we arrived at Ampangan. After Asar, Tok Apak and his wife fetched us to continue our journey to Perak...

Not sure at what time we arrived at the homestay but the house was super comfortable and I'm the only cucu with them that time. That night, I slept together with My Nenek and Wan Lang. These 2 were so cute when they discussing things together. They talked a lot. I wonder if they'd ever get tired or thirsty.

23rd - We went to Mydin to find some scarfs and blouses,

My Nenek  

Homestay in Ipoh.

That's all for now. Good night.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Semester Break.


So I'd finished my last Programming paper on last Wednesday. But I am officially started my holiday on Friday (my bus ticket on 17th June). 

I supposed to go back to Kuala Lumpur, but then after I arrived TBS at 12 noon, then there was a problem so I just decided to go back to kampung Gemas. I was traveling for a day that day! 7 am from UTM to Larkin, then I managed to change my ticket time from 11 am to 8 am, arrived TBS around 11:45 am, the only 2 stations that sell train ticket to Gemas are KL Sentral and Serdang, so at 12 pm I bought a ticket to Serdang, but... (missed a train to Gemas at 1:30 pm)... So I have to wait until 6:00 pm for the next train T_T

At 9:30 pm, I reached Gemas. Later Maksu and Paksu fetched me from the train station.
Anyway, it wasn't a bad day actually. My journey from morning until evening, I met  so many kinds of people, from different backgrounds, different ages.  We shared our stories, getting know each other and iftar together on the train. It was a blast.

Friday, June 3, 2016


Hi people!
Feel free to visit and follow and support my art Instagram (instagram.com/Nadir.arts).
That's all. Thank you.
Have a nice day :)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Throwback loves.

 Diana and I 

Hanani and I 

♡ Silang Budaya preparation 

 DH // DF // DK girls! 

  Bayan Lepas Airport   

 My favorite girls 

       A true friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together all the time. It's about how we appreciate their present in our life and how we're longing for their absence. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, people you called friends never far apart.

      We may come from different backgrounds, different modules, and practicums, different personalities, different lifestyles. But we never make a differentiation between friends. Hani and I are the loud ones among us, while Diana kind of feminine and soft girl, and Amalina is the purest, humble, and a very nice person I've ever met. We may not always be sticking together, we friended with everyone. Then at night, we studied together till late morning. Amalina always accompanies me studying.
      There's a time when we got issues between us, we'll think twice before we badmouthing our friends to others. We felt like a terrible person if we do so.

      They involved in my life a lot. I am a learner and I am learning from the surrounding. Treat people as how as we want them to treat us. If they gave you sweet, then reply them with sweets. If they give you joyful, join with them (maceh my present kawan-kawan). But how if they show the other things?

I'm missing my girlfriends so much.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Upsr Camp.

On last Thursday (21st until 23rd April 2016), KKDK Utm was handling a motivational camp for a primary school student, Sekolah Agama Bukit Tongkat, Johor.

I was charged with welfare department. So last time, after we'd surveyed a few of cafes in Utm, with the director's approval (Kak Zulaina), I booked for Cesu Catering services. They served varieties of meals, that we can decide our own menus, also, the pricing was quite okay, suiting with our budget. I highly recommend Cesu Catering to everyone! :)

Another role I played during the camp was a facilitator (fasi tambahan XD). I mingled around with the kids when I got free time. Then, there is a group I was interested in taking care of, was group 5.  They were all are good kids, spontaneous, some of them quite a shy person, brave, and funny. One boy did ask me (that boy was not from my group), "Kaknad ada tangga tak?" then I asked him what for the tangga and he replied me "Saya nak panjat hati akak laa cia cia ciaa". Hahahahaha! That really surprised me. He's just a kid, how come he knew about the pick-up lines.
Oh, then I remembered, there was a thing called  television at their home. Yeah, they did watch the TV shows. I almost forgot about the existence of television tho T^T...

Some of these kids asked me if I am really a form 5 student (17 years old).
Am I really looks that young or I am just too short to be 20th?
Huhuhuhu! XD

Thursday, April 28, 2016

NORM '16.

Night Of Renowned Mathematician 2016, #NORM16

Oh Allah,
Bless our friendship.
Bless our study.
Bless every moment we spend together.
Bless us all.

Purify our hearts.
Make every each of us, having that good feeling and intention towards everyone.
Make we remember; to appreciate every single time and person we meet today.
Because, every person is different and unique in their own way.
And of course, no ones know what tomorrow could bring.

 If I have to leave this world early, I just wanted to say,
I'm sorry for all my wrong doings towards everyone. And let's meet in the other world. 

That's all. Tata

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hunting; best places.

          At first, we just wanted to go to Bukit Indah to settle Abby's matter. Then I suggested to them to rent a car instead of taking delivery to go there as the fare to go to Bukit Indah was almost the same price of renting a car (4 hours min x Rm4.50). 
         After Zuhur, around 3 pm we went to Bukit Indah and arrived at 4 pm (we couldnt find the place... got lost~). Hours later, Abby's business was settled then we were heading to Johor Baharu. We stopped at a mosque to perform Maghrib and Isya' prayers before continued our journey to find makanan sedap around JB >.< 
         Actually, we had no planned to go out. We supposed to go to Bukit Indah only. But then, we refused to go back to Utm early, so we wanted to get something yummy from JB city... and then we got lost again. LOL. So finally we decided to go to Dataran Bandaraya to try out the steambots (Medan Steambot Lotun Van). The steambots were quite okay, the sticks' prices start at Rm1 to Rm3 and we can ask to have our steambots with soup or not. I love with the soup one, because I really love soup and 'yong tau foo'. Mmmmmm dapnyeee :9 
        After some times at dataran, then we went to the Danga Bay funfair or park or whatever you call it. I once had tried the Pirate Ship and it was amazing! Extremely amazing, I dont want to ride such thing anymore~ Later, four of them tried that thing and I was just waiting for them beside the ship and recorded their excitement. I enjoyed my self looking at them shouting and they were enjoying the ride too (I guess xD). 
       Final place to go was Utm. It was so silence at the back. They really had lost their energy after riding that ship xD. I drove the car slowly until we reached Utm. I dont remember at what time we arrived, we were so super tired. Tamat.

P/s : Oh as for the title, "Best places hunting" we still dont know where to go or to visit. Any Johorean or anyone who knows the best places in Johor, do tell me. We'll definitely go looking for that places :D. Thanks in advance...

       That's all, tata :)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

PELTAC 2016.

      PELTAC is an international camp organized by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) in UTM Skudai. PELTAC is an acronym for Professional, Engineering, Leadership, Teamwork and Awareness Camp specially prepared by the Organization Committees and the Supreme Council :D :D :D ... This camp has motivated and enhanced the awareness of professionalism among students from all around Malaysia and also Indonesia. It has been organized for many years, from 1998 to 2016 with an assorted concept of activities. PELTAC has the reputation to be known and recognized as an excellent educational programme in UTM.

      I was involved in PELTAC 2016 as the IT officer. My department was supposed to create videos for entire progress of the camp and as the photographers during the event. We have seven departments total which are Public Relation, Technical, Publication, Marketing, Sponsorship, Information Technology (my dept :D) and Welfare department.
This camp showed me the differences of each character you're working with and how to deal with them. PELTAC 2016 also taught me how to be independent, how to work professionally, how to communicate with people from different places and nationality and how to be strong facing the real world someday when I have finished my study.

All I can say for this PELTAC 2016 is "it was the super best experience I've ever had and it was my first organization committee I'd involved in UTM."

(Last activity, bbq at Balai Cerap UTM) #PELTAC2016
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I miss mbak Jessy already xD!
Dinner at the sea side