Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dear boyfriend.

 First of all, I've no boyfriend (special-boy-in-the-heart). I've none, never had one. not in tadika/elementary/secondary/matrix school opss. never. whyyyyyyyyyyy on earth I've none?!
labeled me nerdy freaky or even ugly-betty I don't give a damn, it's just the matter that I've no boyfriend nor end of the world. then why people seems so bloody wonder when someone-got-no-special-one I don't understand.. even at sweet 19th zzz

reasons why I no fuging care about the matter of heart-stoler aka lover;
  • I already have so many friends.
  • I know how to deal with myself. Alone! Only me and self.
  • I already got boy-friendssss, even theyre not mine like foreverrr i dont care because none of them were husband in status... :b so friend is still a friend. 
  • I loves everyone. my cats also can be my specialone hehe.
  • I am so busy living this life to the fullest.
  • I am so confused and lost when someone tried to confess or trying some lame pickuplines with me because I dun understand any of it!! T^T ... so bubye to love story?
  • I've a lot of foods to be settled with.
  • I am studying.. 
  • I am trying to walk near Him..
  • I've 10 another people to love-very-much-to. 
  • I am trying to love my own self.
  • I am seeking for greatest-man-to-be-with-me-forever..
  • aku seorang yg pemalas, to be frank, nak bercinta pun malas...
In another word, Allah loves me. He gave me what I need instead from what I want
So it's okay to have a feeling towards someone is normal, fitrah manusia indeed. 
I got that one person I used to love and he is my senior,
but then our special friendship have gone (still he's not my boyfriend), disappeared blew with the wind.. that moment, I realized something..
if we kept him/her in heart, that feeling may changes. because this little thing called the heart, always not in the permanent deal. so kept them in du'a. Insha Allah, one day Allah will grant your du'a  

hehe, ND