Sunday, July 27, 2014


I once had a dream. A funny yet sweet dream. i guess...

The dream begun when..
I was awake on a gloomy morning. Some crowd noises i could heard from the outside of my room. Then i saw a set of baju melayu, a green one for sure. i was wondering whose baju is that.

Someone answered me,
"itu baju laki kamu la. Dah bangun bangun nak kawen kejap lagi kan?"
I was like...
"hah?! Kawen! Kawen mendaaa tetiba bangun pagi ni".

I jumped off from my bed and hide behind the door, hoping that i could see who is the owner of the baju melayu. It seems quite long to wait till i got tired. I stared at the baju again and i just remembered that pieces was *his* baju! But how..? We've never been talk a lot to each other all this time.
Later then, *he* came into my room to take his baju melayu. He smiles after saw me was hiding behind the door. Omg hensem doooo Im melting. Then i was real-awake. The end.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Ni hao ,
Finished high school past 2 years and I'm getting old years by years in Penang. So I'll return to my hometown when I am 20th. By that time i don't know if I'll be coming back to Penang again. Kinda sad when knowing I am about to left all these memories very soon 
And to left him.. Is my other worry. Hahaha sounds cliché.
"Kami boleh jumpa hampa lagi bila taw"
One of your source of happinesses is when you can make others happy too

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Birthday me yay!  Yayyyyy for the sweetest date 17/07/1997 
Thank you too all who'd wishes for me since yesterday and just now hehe. May Allah blessed us and ahead ❤
And i miss you misha ain sarah 
first cake given by my Amalina R
cheese cake by my An an

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Suka dia.