Monday, January 7, 2013

Silent me.

Just another looong and smoooth day.
When the mouth cant says anything, the heart is screaming.
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I am so longing for you. Haha.
"why bothered thinking for someone who dont even care on our present in their life?"
I dont know. I falled for you maybe.

Hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha papejelew.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Jobless me.

Expressing the Heart voice to the canvas of draw. #earthhour #green 
Sepupu, budak #upsr :B

Kawan nenek atok maksu tanya : "eh dia tak sekolah ke?" "anak buah kau pindah sekolah sini ke?" 
Answered : "tak adalah" "eh dia tunggu result la"
Ily, ND.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year new us?

Selamat tahun baru semuaaaaaa :D 
Have a nice day. Make a great list of wish. Be more humanity. Kurangkan mengejar duniawi, hampirkan diri kepada ukhrawi. Those yang akan mengambil ujian besar pada tahun ini, UPSR/PMR/SPM , try to focus more on these important exam. Lupakan intention nak surfing internet 24/7. Heeeeeeeeeeeehe.

Seperti biasa, tahun baru, azam baru, azam yang tinggi-tinggi, usaha yang rendah-rendah, 
kahkahkah, *that's me* :D 
Since im getting older day by day, and umur pun akan menginjak ke 18 pada tahun ini, jadi azam 2013 akan bersifat ke-kakak-kan, hehe. Means~ no more childhood wishes huhu. 
2013 ! I just want to improve myself to be someone else.. Someone that have much good deeds in living this life. Amin. 
Dear someone who will be the Blood to my Heart
I'll just wait for you till the right PAGE, chapt 143, title "Je t'aime" to happen between we two
Lol, ND.