Friday, December 14, 2012

1434 H.

1/2/34 H. Bersamaan 1 Safar 1434 Hijrah.
First, Alhamdulillah kerana masih dipanjangkan umur dan masih diberi peluang untuk menikmati perjalan hidup di dunia ini sebelum tibanya di destinasi. *senyum*.
Kedua, SubhanaAllah. What another beautiful date.. :)
Dont hoping for such nonsense things or hwaiting for a miracle to happen. It's a date. Just be grateful since you're still alive till today. Kata-kata yang harus diungkapkan saban hari tak kira tarikh apa pun..: Semoga hari ini lebih baik daripada semalam.
Other story : i got new friend today. 
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha k. Haha k again *freak smile*
Nahh, just kinda excited.
After all, he's alike my past friend.. who i'd yearn a lot.. Al fatihah. *tangan di dada*

Bye fellas, ND.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Te gusto?

Le story for today is..12 12 12
So who wanna be my baby? ;)
No no no. I dont want a baby immediately.
I want the hubby to come first. After then i'll get so many babies. Xoxo. 
Me, ND.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The sky is blue. In the deep of the heart there was you. 

The land is brown. You're the one who always standing Lololololo k.

1. Keluarga teman dan keluarga kita saling mengenali.
2. Keluarga teman mengenali kita.
3. Sentiasa bersama-sama susah dan senang.
4. Tak lokek dan kedekut hal dunia dan ukhrawi, saling berkongsi.
5. Perhubungan yg sangat mesra, lebih daripada kawan-kawan biasa yg lain.
6. Tak mementingkan diri.
7. Sentiasa bersedia untuk segala kemungkinan.
8. Pendengar dan pembicara yg setia.
Im sad. Tsk :'< #np Ombak rindu.
"We're friend till forever" "Eh lepas habis sekolah jangan off contact au" "Kita tetap bersama sampai kahwin nanti" "Eh nanti anak kau boleh kawan dengan anak aku" "Pastu cucu kita boleh berkawan dengan cucu kau" "InshaAllah, pogeberrr pwenss" ..
Thanks for the sweetest word. But felt worse for the bitterness moment. 
>< o >< o , ND.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Post: 305.

It's Friday night. So gonna watch television whole day and.. waiting for the King to text me. Haha. K. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha k. Duhh pathetic. Im waiting for the beloved beloved to look for me now. Arent they miss me? -....................- They got too busy this lately~ like a PM =.= and almost a week Kam didnt texting me and.. HOI WHERE'S ON EARTH YOU KAM?! Ive done something wrong on you or what? I know we shouldnt text a lot.. Kerana ini bakal mengundang fitnah dan juga menggoncang iman.. Ya seterusnya akan menjerumuskan maksiat. Astaghfirullahalazim. Minta dijauhkan. But yet, cant we just being cool and fine? Cant you being normal and smooth and non-bored with me whenever we got a conversation? Barangkali lo ada makan hati sama aku. Ngapain makan hatinya. Makan nasi yuk. *puih*

Dear man.. You're one of my important and, how can i simply forget you? Since, you're the one who always around, who always make me taste oxygen when i got starving for the breath. I dont know what to confess more. Just following the way that we've talked. OURS WAY. The moment of the way, when we waited for Allah to decide the path for us.

One day, when i read a blog, titled "Cinta Platonik" i felt like it was happened between us. TROLOLOLOL. Well maybe not so happened. Maybe not so true. Blerghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ So done, ND.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kampung: part 1.

Nenek's stories//.

Sooo, me now at kampung and still jobless. Nenek shared her story with us when she was in Beijing, China. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me get so jealous >///< It's winter now. The white-cold-cotton falling down, melt before hit the ground. ALLAHUAKHBAR. How nice the environment.. *i just see the picture* The calmness, the pale blueness, the pureness of the sky.. Allah created such a lovely earth for us. For a human being to keep it safety. To ensure the peacefully. But then why we must destroyed it? Why we were so busy digging the core? Think it..
"Jika Allah SWT menurunkan al-Quran kepada sebuah gunung, nescaya gunung itu akan runtuh, kerana tidak mampu memikulnya. Maka Allah SWT menurunkan al-Quran kepada umat manusia, untuk memeliharanya serta menegakkan Agama-Nya, ISLAM".
So me have to pen off now, till we meet again. Much love, ND.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

School end.

I've done with school thingy last thursday. Last known as *budak science* *5 AMANAH* on 27 november 2012 and last wearing blue-white school uniform on 29 november 2012. My last examination was actually end with paper pendidikan seni visual. Phewwwww :|v| My interest in art won't be end so successfully without guided from Encik Adnan and Puan Hartini.. also my lovely parents. Kemana cecahnya biskut lemak jika bukan pada secawan milo panas. Hikhikkk.. Anyway, thankyouu so much to cikgu denan and cikgu tini  ;D Please forgive us, NADIRAH HANANI RAIHANA IZWAN FARIZ as being too mengada-ngada and too demand as we were the only five yang selalu busy whenever you guys got an extra art class for us but then we can't go through with it. Our mischievous and all the ketupats we made since the first class and the final day, just showed how important you to us and soooo many things we cared bout cikgu. Hee. Nahhh cikgu. We were just a little kid who still need CIKGU-CIKGU by our side. We still need an advice and nagging from you guys. Looks like we don't even bother about the words you gave. Yet, we stored, we keep it, far far away, deep so deeply, in the brain down to the heart. Awhhhh. I've start to have a rainy eyes. Tssssssssssssk :'- Can't imagine how's my life after this. With lecturer who will stop lecturing anytime, with proff with many bold of them around, but never have a time to be at our side. To treat us so specially like our CIKGU-CIKGU had done. So sobbing. Sokayyy. Bye fellas. Much love, ND.

Im a cute scout girl. #eh #puih. K xoxo.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


FINALLY IT’S DECEMBER. First december.

HAPPY OLDAY MUHD SYAFIQ B ABD RAHIM aka DOREMON. Have a sweet SEVENTEEN MON ;D Don’t be too naughty too kiddy too silly. Eh? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah k. Man.. be matured k J er? K blablabla~

Mon. Ku kinda miss chu. Teeeeeeeeeeeeeet end with the drama.

Peaceful december.

New month new wishes. K I only got one wish for now.. HOPEFULLY, this last month of 2012 *December*, everyone will get such a wonderful days instead of being sad for the rest day till new year. Live your life happily as it’s soooooo waste to have a rainy eyes and running nose for this happy-life-should-be. K much love xoxo –ND.