Sunday, May 1, 2016

Throwback loves.

 Diana and I 

Hanani and I 

♡ Silang Budaya preparation 

 DH // DF // DK girls! 

  Bayan Lepas Airport   

 My favorite girls 

       A true friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together all the time. It's about how we appreciate their present in our life and how we're longing for their absence. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, people you called friends never far apart.

      We may come from different backgrounds, different modules, and practicums, different personalities, different lifestyles. But we never make a differentiation between friends. Hani and I are the loud ones among us, while Diana kind of feminine and soft girl, and Amalina is the purest, humble, and a very nice person I've ever met. We may not always be sticking together, we friended with everyone. Then at night, we studied together till late morning. Amalina always accompanies me studying.
      There's a time when we got issues between us, we'll think twice before we badmouthing our friends to others. We felt like a terrible person if we do so.

      They involved in my life a lot. I am a learner and I am learning from the surrounding. Treat people as how as we want them to treat us. If they gave you sweet, then reply them with sweets. If they give you joyful, join with them (maceh my present kawan-kawan). But how if they show the other things?

I'm missing my girlfriends so much.