Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hunting; best places.

          At first, we just wanted to go to Bukit Indah to settle Abby's matter. Then I suggested to them to rent a car instead of taking delivery to go there as the fare to go to Bukit Indah was almost the same price of renting a car (4 hours min x Rm4.50). 
         After Zuhur, around 3 pm we went to Bukit Indah and arrived at 4 pm (we couldnt find the place... got lost~). Hours later, Abby's business was settled then we were heading to Johor Baharu. We stopped at a mosque to perform Maghrib and Isya' prayers before continued our journey to find makanan sedap around JB >.< 
         Actually, we had no planned to go out. We supposed to go to Bukit Indah only. But then, we refused to go back to Utm early, so we wanted to get something yummy from JB city... and then we got lost again. LOL. So finally we decided to go to Dataran Bandaraya to try out the steambots (Medan Steambot Lotun Van). The steambots were quite okay, the sticks' prices start at Rm1 to Rm3 and we can ask to have our steambots with soup or not. I love with the soup one, because I really love soup and 'yong tau foo'. Mmmmmm dapnyeee :9 
        After some times at dataran, then we went to the Danga Bay funfair or park or whatever you call it. I once had tried the Pirate Ship and it was amazing! Extremely amazing, I dont want to ride such thing anymore~ Later, four of them tried that thing and I was just waiting for them beside the ship and recorded their excitement. I enjoyed my self looking at them shouting and they were enjoying the ride too (I guess xD). 
       Final place to go was Utm. It was so silence at the back. They really had lost their energy after riding that ship xD. I drove the car slowly until we reached Utm. I dont remember at what time we arrived, we were so super tired. Tamat.

P/s : Oh as for the title, "Best places hunting" we still dont know where to go or to visit. Any Johorean or anyone who knows the best places in Johor, do tell me. We'll definitely go looking for that places :D. Thanks in advance...

       That's all, tata :)