Sunday, September 24, 2017

Prologue Of KKDK

Assalammualaikum. Hi!

First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone (the committees and the participants) cuz willing to spend their weekend time to get involved in Prologue Of KKDK. It has been a blast! 

And thanks to my timbalan pengarah, Izzul, cuz he has been really supportive to make this program come to success.

I was the pengarah for Prologue Of KKDK and this is my first-time experience to hold such position. I tried to carry the amanah and trust that has been given to me and Alhamdulillah everything went as planned. It was a great experience. All I can say now, it is not easy to work on something huge without the help from your fellow friends. 

Last but not least, I wish all the best for Kelab Kaunseling Dan Kerjaya UTM in your future time. These 2 years and half of me getting involved in KKDK have taught me a lot. I love all the new experiences and great adventures. It is priceless.

Then what makes KKDK so special between other societies? I am not going to make a comparison between these societies. But personally, I would say the speciality of KKDK itself is how the persatuan manages to grow that rasa sayang dan rasa bertanggungjawab dalam hati dan seterusnya membuatkan kita sendiri rasa untuk terus berkhidmat dalam persatuan ini...

That is all. Thank you again :)

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A post.


I am doing fine for now.

Just that, I am staying very far far away from my friends and classmates and it might be difficult for me to catch up with them; doing group assignments or discussions. Hmmm but I will just live my life and work on something better. I will mohon pertukaran kolej kediaman next two weeks because the staff told me that any changes of hostel should be made during that week.

This semester we are going to take for the elective subjects. I am going to take the Operational Research (OR) and the Organizational Behavior. It does sound like a management stuff but it is a Mathematical thing. And I wished I was a management student..................................................................................

Until today, I still wonder why Mathematics that I learn now is very distinct from the Mathematics I had learned before. I was so into the "calculating-Math" since I was a kid. But this new "theoretical-Math" is confusing me to death. And my brain is literally burning from the overthinking and seeking for the answers for these theories also for the wondering situation I had since I knew Calculus Vector.

And some of these people in the class are still behaving like murid-murid darjah 6. Oh, common I can hear you guys. I was entering the class, I came a bit early today because I want to sit in the front row. Then, I heard these small voices at the 2nd row discussing with each other  "depan ni kan japgi A, B duduk.."    "a ah. situ lah"    and I am about to sit dan aku nampak sorang ni buat muka terkejut "... eh.. hm japgi A, B, C duduk situ. Muat kot". HAH MUAT KOT? KAWAN-KAWAN KITA YG LAIN SEBESAR KAPAL TERBANG KE? Later I decided to ignore their small discussion. Masalahnya, ni baru first day kelas kat situ tau. Anak-anak ni dah tak sabar nak main cop-cop tempat dah kenapa? Tak make sense la. Kalau nak cop sangat tempat, aku sampai awalkan? Can I just book that sit for the next 150 days cuz physically, I was in the class first not these A,B,C people, cant I?  I'm not disliking these people neither do they. We are all just fine. But what I want to mention here, these people just lack awareness to jaga perasaan orang lain and less mature kot. Tercalar sikit doe hati ini. Bersemangat dah masuk kelas awal, tetiba baru nak duduk diorang ni sesuka hati je sokseksoksek belakang aku. Ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

New semester.

Assalammualaikum. Hi :)

Finally, semester break ends. Since I got things to settle with the faculty so I was coming back to UTM early than I supposed to. I came back on 5th Sept and that time the Minggu Mesra Mahasiswa (MMM) just started for 2 days.

We started our journey from Nenek's home at 7 am then arrived at JB around 11 am. I asked my father to send me straight to the Kolej Kediaman (hostel) to get the room key first because the office will be closed at noon. We managed to arrive before noon... But then the staff wouldn't allow me to get the room key because I wasn't supposed to come back during MMM. They asked me for an official letter from whoever it is that indicated the reason why I had to come back early. And I didn't have that letter. Then they asked me to give a call to the Pengetua Kolej and ask him whether I can stay or not in the hostel. At the same time, I tried to call a friend of mine (who was coming back early too) to ask her if she can have me to stay at her place. But both of Pengetua and friend didn't pick up my calls till 4:++ pm. I guess these two were too busy to have a 30 sec of emergency conversation with me T^T.

My parents started to worry and I still couldnt get in to my room. They had to leave me before evening because they were rushing to go back to Terengganu. And if you guys ever wonder why my parents still want to send me back to campus, it is simply because they love their pies so much. Last time, Ayah rode Ijie's scooter and Umi was driving her back to UKM. She was at Ampang/Gombak at that time, doing her internship. She told me she can ride by herself but Ayah was so eager to send her. Anyway, I didnt want them to get tired, sacrificed time and energy just to send me to the south of the land~ But they wanted to make sure I safely arrive at the destination. Thank you Umi Ayah. We love you so much too . Later, I tried to talk with the staff again (with a tired yet cute face) and this one Akak just let me to have it. Oh! Alhamdulillah. And I finally a KTHO resident.

I am still tired and I'm going to sleep again right after I finish with these certificates and letters. And if plan A didnt succeed, I still have plenty of plans to work on.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


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Saturday, August 12, 2017


Rantau Petronas, Kemasik, Terengganu.

Still, in a holiday mood and hot and Terengganu receive very minimal amounts of rainfall.
But I love the sea breeze! I really do.